Since 2006 we have helped hundreds of people overcome their fear of heights on this unique and powerful weekend course. 100% of our course participants have seen a positive change and have begun a new journey.

“I want to thank you again for an excellent weekend. I actually had quite a lump in my throat on Sunday evening on thinking that I wouldn’t see that group again, as we’d all been through a unique and powerful experience. I think yours and Brian’s course is brilliant and on Sunday in particular I felt full of confidence and now can’t wait to do more . . .”
– Stephen N. 

Since 2006 we’ve helped hundreds of people overcome their fear of heights … How do we do it?

Easy rock scrambles, high walks, covered walkways, escalators on the London Underground, unfamiliar staircases, the London Eye, stadiums and theatres … Which of these is stopping you from fully taking part in a natural life? Don’t be held back any longer by your fear of heights – help is at hand with this unique and powerful course combining therapy indoors with exercises outdoors …

This is a gradual process and it does not force you to do anything you don’t want to.

The course begins with an indoor session looking at why you are scared of heights and at re-writing the film script that runs through your mind each time you are faced with the scenario. To overcome your acrophobia, (fear of heights), you need to program your unconscious mind with a healthy level of wariness and then use that wariness to replace your irrational terror. This first stage uses the hugely successful process of neuro-linguistic programming (NLP).

Anyone else running this therapy would end the treatment there. Thank you very much and good luck …

Not with us – this is just the beginning and this is why our course is unique. Following this first stage we now head outdoors and start again: this time using a practical approach of phased exercises we develop your trust and confidence in your leader, your equipment, your skills and then … in yourself.

Course Location: Peak District National Park, Derbyshire

Price per person:

£200 for two days

Leader/client ratio: 1:5

Dates of courses coming up:

18/19 March 2017
22/23 April 2017
2/3 May 2017 – week days
3/4 June 2017
4/5 July 2017 – week days
2/3 September 2017
14/15 October 2017

Book your place now or request further details by emailing

Private bookings can be taken for this course. Contact us with your preferred date(s) that suit you and the numbers and we’ll get back to you asap with all the details

Follow Up Sessions

“Will, thanks for an absolutely amazing weekend! Loved it all especially the climbing. Again your slow and steady technique, with gradual steps forward in trying each activity really paid off. The fact that by the end, instead of feeling wary of climbing Pavey Ark, I was actually dying to give it a go, says it all! Thanks for your time and dedication, it really was a truly transformative experience!”
Damian M.

So where to now? For many this may mean that you join us for a Rock 1 climbing weekend or maybe a Scrambles 1 weekend. Others of you may have a specific ambition such as a traverse of Striding Edge for example. Let us know if you’d like us to guide you and we’ll see what we can arrange.

For those of you who may have let things lapse, maybe you don’t believe you still have it in you. The Fear of Heights 2 course is a 1:1 day or weekend to remind yourself what a hero you actually are.

On this course we invest in the successes from the first course and actually look to develop your desire to be at height. We will anticipate and pre-empt your moments of anxiety with a variety of techniques available to us to prove how you can still cope with and work at height. The course is designed to be run on a 1 to 1 basis since at this stage, different people have different issues that can’t necessarily be approached with one solution. If you want to join us with a friend then that may be possible however.

Each activity is reassuringly non-committing allowing you to escape activities where need be. And as with our original weekend – each task is achieved with no pressure from us making each and every success your own!

Course Location: By arrangement – depending on what you wish to achieve this could be Snowdonia, the Peak District or the Lakes.

Price per person: £150

Book your place now or request further details by emailing

Private bookings can be taken for this course. Contact us with your preferred date(s) that suit you and the numbers and we’ll get back to you asap with all the details

Press and Media

Change your life in a weekend – a review of the Will4Adventure Fear of Heights course appeared in The Guardian newspaper on 30th July 2011

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– fear of height anxiety beaten in just two days.

Trail Magazine Article May 2008

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Video Footage from one of our early courses

Gripped? 7 Top Tips on how to beat your fear of heights

The amygdala is the small part of your brain which controls emotions, the fight or flight response (fear) and impulsive behaviour. When you’re on the edge and fearing for your life it’s this acorn sized bit of your brain that’s doing the work … but it’s your cerebral cortex (the clever, rational thinking part) that needs to be. This is how …

1. Start breathing – stop holding your breath (you will be). Take TEN deep breaths. Count them in and out.

2. Distract your brain, start forcing it to think. You really really must do this. For example try recalling your mobile phone number in reverse. This will help to engage your your rational thinking cortex, and this will begin to calm you down.

3. Visualise someone you know (or James Bond for me) who is really confident climbing or with heights – pretend you are them. (I hum the James Bond tune too).

4. Visualise yourself at the top or at a safe place and see how much nicer that will be for you.

5. Keep that cortex working – tell yourself your mobile phone number in reverse again.

6. Thinking head now engaged – start thinking and looking. Find placements for your feet, and your hands will take care of themselves.

7. Once out of immediate trouble, take the time then to plan each step to the next safe platform.

Still not sure or a little bit worried about doing the course? It’s totally natural and fine to feel that way. Email or feel free to call Will Legon on 07791 860 163 with any questions or concerns; we are always happy to help.