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Mountain Biking Peak DistrictNEW FOR 2014 MOUNTAIN BIKING!

That shiny new bike stood in your hallway is designed for one thing and one thing only – bombing down rocky trails and effortlessly getting you to the top of the next one! Get on your bike with Will4Adventure now ...

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Overcome Your Fear of Heights - New Fear of Heights 2 Course Now Available !  

I can't quite believe that just over a year ago I was doing your Fear of Heights course and this time around you put me at the front for Jack's Rake!! What a great year it's been with Will4Adventure!
- Maria

Our world famous course as featured by . . .

The Guardian

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Ten Years of Will4Adventure

Mountain Books, Films, and Apps

Trail Magazine June 2011  

Will and Monty star in Trail magazine in a GET FIT FOR THE 3 PEAKS special. Get a sneak peek on our Hills Skills Navigation Courses page by clicking here.

Trek and Mountain Magazine  

Our Fear of Heights course gets an excellent write up in Trek and Mountain magazine too.


Welsh 3000s Training Course

Chelmsford City Football Club Logo  

A Will4Adventure FIRST . . . Well done to the team from Chelmsford City FC who all managed to finish our High Peaks 50 miler inside 24 hours. Every man finished - never before have we seen 100% success rate on this gruelling challenge!


Will4Adventure Guided Walks accessible by public transport. No car required. Look for the Green Walker.

Not usually ones to blow our own trumpet, but we couldn't resist sharing this email received after a recent Welsh 3000's trip . . .

Hi Will,

Just a quick note to say that I hope you all got back safely, I have never enjoyed myself so much as to push myself through hell with such nice people.

I couldn't fault my experience with you, John was fabulous, encouraging in just the right way. Your complete set up was brilliantly organised. Being the slowest in the group is never uplifting but between you and John I managed not to feel demoralised, but inspired by my own ability and achievments.

I can not recommend you enough to my like minded friends, I can assure you I will be joining you next year (perhaps on something a little less testing).

You have my sincere thanks and respect.


. . . nothing makes us happier than happy Will4Adventurers, thank you very much Victoria.


Taste the Will4Adventure
experience now with these short videos from our recent Morocco High Atlas Adventure* and Overcome Your Fear of Heights Course . . .

* Warning - contains some mild swearing

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The National Trust
Protecting the future, helping to protect the places you enjoy, plus so much more . . . maybe today is the day to join the National Trust.

Rock Climbing Courses at Will4Adventure


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Welcome to the Outdoors

Adventure Holidays
Amazing adventures around the world, guided by experts :

Overcome Your Fear Of Heights
This course is unique: it combines two excellent approaches to enable you to regain control of your emotions from your phobias.

Mountain Biking
That shiny new bike stood in your hallway is designed for one thing and one thing only – bombing down rocky trails and effortlessly getting you to the top of the next one! Get on your bike with Will4Adventure now ...

Hill Skills
Hill Skills courses. Learn how to negotiate hills and mountain areas in all kinds of conditions.

Winter Skills
Will4Adventure proudly present these two excellent Winter Skills courses.

First Aid Courses
We provide Immediate Temporary Care (ITC) first aid courses offering excellent hands-on first aid training that will take you from the office to the wilderness. All courses are HSE approved and QCF accredited at level 2.

Rock Climbing Courses
Increase safety and tackle higher peaks. Will4Adventure teach you to rock climb using fully qualified instructors.

Scrambling Weekends
Scrambling is an adventure in the hills and mountains that lies between walking and rock climbing.

Scrambling Courses
These multi-day adventures are for those of you keen on scrambling up long mountain routes that sustain interest and adventure right to the very top.

Free Walking Weekends
If you are thinking of booking an overseas adventure with Will4Adventure, but are not entirely sure, then come on a Free Walking Weekend first.

Guided Walks
Some of the best trekking in the world on our very doorstep.

Welsh 3000s
Up to the challenge of the Welsh 3000's?

Family Adventure Days
Will4adventure proudly present these 1 and 2 day adventures designed for families who want to get some fresh air and try some adventurous activities together.

Challenge4Charity 2015
The fantastic Will4Adventure annual charity event.

Corporate Challenge
Take people out of their comfort zone, inject a sense of adventure, some fun and a little shot of perceived danger – and even complete strangers will bond together, united as a team.

Expedition Equipment
Comprehensive kit list detailing expedition requirements.

Health and Safety Advice for Travellers
Some top tips for safe travel however far or near.

About Us
Will4Adventure specialises in the provision of high quality adventure experiences both in and out of the UK. We have expertise in all aspects of mountaineering, UK/Worldwide trekking, wilderness first aid, expedition health, and charity event organisation.

Photographs from Will4Adventure trips and courses.

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Will4Adventure Hill Skills Navigation Courses


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